Northern Idaho man cites self-defense in fatal shooting

Published 10-23-2018

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COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) - Bond will remain at $100,000 for a 41-year-old northern Idaho man who says he shot and killed another man in self-defense.

A Coeur d'Alene Magistrate judge on Monday ruled that William Carlson's bond was sensible even though Carlson doesn't have a criminal record.

Police say Carlson shot and killed 24-year-old Tyler S. Liles on Saturday with one shot from a .38-caliber handgun to the chest.

Authorities say Liles arrived at Carlson's residence near Post Falls yelling about a car that sped through the neighborhood, and Carlson thought Liles accused him of being the driver.

Police say Carlson retrieved a gun and told Liles to leave, but Liles instead approached Carson and was shot. Liles died at the scene.

Kootenai County Deputy Prosecutor Stan Mortensen says Liles was unarmed and did not threaten Carlson.

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